More Than Just Coffee

Labour of Love

We treat our coffee like a work of art. From the beans, to the roast, to the packaging, to the image and story behind.

Direct Sourcing

We are a direct trade small lot roaster and green coffee sourcer with close relationships with coffee growers in Latin America.

Giving Back

We follow-through with social projects to make a real difference.

Premium Small-Lots

Taste the Difference Today

Chimacho, Cubulco (Guatemala)

Hints of chocolate, almond and honey. Good without cream or sugar. Cream/milk will enhance its chocolate tones.

Who We Are

Felipe Bohorquez, CEO

Felipe Bohorquez, CEO

Felipe brings over 10 years of experience in technology as well as community and business development.

Jhaross Del Aguila, President

Jhaross Del Aguila, President

Jhaross has been in the food industry and import business of specialty products for over 15 years.

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